Assignment #1

Using iPods in the Classroom

The article included information about how expensive it is to buy the iPods for the classroom. Teachers could post homework assignments on school websites. Also, it could be useful in teaching language skills, or to distribute class lectures.

The article focused on iPods for students to use in bilingual classes. Students learning music lyrics, popular books, etc. It is exciting and an innovating use of technology for the students.

This is an Apple education link that has a listing of many different ways to use the iPod in the classroom. For example, there are links to educational uses for the iPod touch, like iTouch flashcards, Observing the Skies, Geography on the Go, and about 20 more ideas.

This article focuses on how an Early Childhood teacher uses the iPod for music, a listening center, even podcasting things like a "Back to School" Orientation or even "How To..." topics.

On this website the focus is "Noise Induced Hearing Loss" and how to "save your ears". It gives 5 important tips to use to help save your hearing.

This article titled "iPods in Education" came from Lenoir County Public Schools in North Carolina, where they have purchased 8 carts, which include 30 iPod touch, a MacBook laptop, etc. Their purpose is to investigate the potential benefits of iPod use with PreK-12.

"Learning in Hand" is the title of the website which focuses on just that! The page on podcasting describes how there are hundreds of educational programs on line. It links several examples having to do with language arts and math. There is a link to a free booklet about podcasting. I saved it to my desktop to use as a reference.

The above website lead me to more information I found to be valuable. Also at the "Learning in Hand" website I found the link to "Find Podcasts". Besides iTunes, there were four other podcast sites listed. I was glad to find other resources because I did not find what I was looking for in iTunes.

This article called Apple +iPods at GCSU was an article about how GCSU uses iPods in education. It discusses how the tools are making an impact in the classrooms. It includes a long list of possibilities and suggestions for future use.

This article from the Online Educational Database is titled 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better. The article is broken down into 10 sections. Each section contains links to additional information about to use the iPod as a study guide, for podcasts, tutorials, applications and more...