Assignment #4 Lesson Plan

Greek Mythology Unit

Duration: 5-45-minute sessions in library, lab, classroom and one class period for presentations

Learning Objectives: Students will

  • Be able to distinguish between a variety of Greek gods, heroes, and villains.
  • Be able to identify each subject’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Apply research skills to develop a knowledge base from which to draw upon
  • Articulate and generalize ideas about Greek art and the role of symbolizism.
  • Practice oral public speaking and presentation skills
  • Evaluate self and others performance

Selection of chosen books, websites, iPods, Flip Video cameras,
Students fill out an
Application Form for Employment for the Greek character
When presenting, students will be given a choice of using costume to enhance their presentations.
A variety of student-chose materials, which will help them
interpret and articulate the meaning of the symbols related to their gods or heroes.

State Standards/ Benchmarks:
· English Language Arts A.8.1, A.8.2, A.8.4, B.8.1, B.8.2, B.8.3, C.8.1, C.8.2, E.8.1, E.8.3, F.8.1
· Art A.8.4, B.8.1, D.8.7
· Computer A.8.3, A.8.5, A.8.6, B.8.1, B.8.2, B.8.3, B.8.4, B.8.5, B.8.6, D.8.1, D.8.2, D.8.3

Description: Students research Greek gods and heroes; write an Employment Application from the point of view of their chosen god or hero, and then use their information to participate in a “job interview”. This project provides them the opportunity to compile research and interpret the results with the final result of creating a profile of strengths and weaknesses of each chosen character.


1. Introduce the unit and have students use their iPods Greek Gods App to look up 3 Greek Gods and take notes in the Notes App of the Gods talents, relations, and symbols.
2. Have students use Art Museum Apps to find images, symbols, etc. of their 3 Gods
3. Next have students draw sticks to select one of their characters in which to base their project on. This way no two students will be able to select the same one. 

4. Students will use computer lab and library to look up their characters in encyclopedias and using the Internet.
5. Students will listen to podcasts downloaded from the Learn Out Load- Classical Greek Podcasts. Students will listen to a podcast about their Greek god.
6. They fill out a rough draft their applications.
7. Students will fill in a prepared Employment Application template. The document will be edited, save, and printed for use in the student’s presentation.
8. The day of the presentation, students will be partnered up to interview each other. Each student will be audio or video recorded while presenting so that podcast and vodcasts can be placed on our school website.

Assessment will include a self-assessment of their project, as well as, a rubric presented to the students at the beginning of the project. Each student will be videotaped so they have the opportunity to reevaluate the oral presentation as well. In addition, there will be an informal assessment in the form of peer feedback or constructive criticism. Students receive an assessment from the teachers showing point totals for preparation and presentation. In addition, students vote for presentation and also evaluate how the presentation helped each of them personally in remembering the characters.