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Assignment # 3
http://www.learnoutloud.com/Podcast-Directory/History/Ancient-and-Medieval-History/Classical-Mythology-Podcast/26112#plink Zeus/Jupiter podcast example

I found the above podcast at the Learn Out Loud website. I found it to be a valuable site, with a wide variety of educational material. Students were researching Greek gods so I invited those students who had completed their research to listen to a podcast of a Greek god who was in some way related to their Greek god. Some students enjoyed the audio program. Several students thought the speaker was 'boring' or difficult to follow. I believe the students had a hard time visualizing the information they were hearing. Below is a vodcast of a student experimenting using the iPod to begin her Greek god research with the App Greek Gods.

My students,who are currently engaged in an Excel spreadsheet assignment, found this video from the World Food
Program to be relevant to their classwork. They have been estimating, counting, and weighing grains of rice to
find out how many grains of rice are in a single serving size. With the current crisis in Haiti, it helped the
students to realize how important donations are at this time. The students are committed to helping by playing
the "Free Rice" game when ever they have time!